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what do you think of Lucy Liu to play Zen Techie in the Movie? The Americanized Asian female who is in trouble. You know the plot. you firstDoesn't look great. really? I thought it would draw in typiy the audience. I hope you're not in marketing. I would need her to visit and perhaps sit on my face and we could discuss some for her role alternatives! I rabbit for adoption rabbit for adoption believe that will not come to forward. Who is the actual skinny black baby boomer? Ha! YER ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKING SLAVES!!! true datThanks Bodhi. Go rob a bank now. Guess you never saw point breakGot this... thx here's some free points. Oh beat me, whip me. just don't SPAM us, okay? five_ten? Come over hear and state that to your face.... and you are...?... and you personal...? Are you a ruler of the foreign country or a Hilton sister? I'm confused. guess yer not Jim Morrison fans Finally got a job after looking because January. I passed the p check, tb test, fingerprinting, dmv printout and I start tomorrow. So don't give up. I'm, white and female, so if i can get a job, anyone can. Congrats! What do you do? they help felons within prison they facilitate placement of felons with tablet charges intotreatment facilities after they get out of prison. Hey! Congrats! Finally got a job Good for I'm happy for you. Follow me around frisco for the next year.... Well, not literally. Here's what I am performing: Next month, I am quitting my job as a frisco troll and buying aprocess ticket to frisco bay area. I 'm making no great plans, and traveling by myself. I am planning on being in frisco to have an entire year. Please check out my frisco blog posts and send me your thoughts as I travel the planet during the yr! How do you make money doing this? Have you been to the These types of Area before? do you have a plan? Observation, look at that DJI year index chart... Notice the steady increase from on to credit collaps? Notice the unstable trent of the decline? ^dji; range=y; indicator=volume; charttype=line; crosshair=on; ohlcvalues=; logscale=on; source=undefined I bet things will get alot worst before they get better... the market will bottom when solidity returns: ).

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just about anyone had bartending go through? I want as a bartender, but You need some opinions from all you could experienced ones you can get. What do you're thinking that of: -- bartending high schools? Are they a waste of your respective or can they aid you learn the basics to get a job? -- is it readily accessible a good project, or do you will want to start out employed in dives? -- that may be a good job for getting part-time? Start out as the barback Then progress from there. Don't waste the effort with bartender colleges. Don't do bartending the school. You can try to tend bar too . a barback or possibly cocktail waitress first and being employed by a bar which is willing to educate you. It's not necessary to see school for the idea. It certainly won't help you become a better bartenders. You can't get started tending bar with busy places. They simply really don't hire new bartenders maximizing big reason: they're busy and have the time for them to allow someone to make sure you hone their proficiency (or a clientele who will probably tolerate it). Small taverns/bars are frequently a good starting place or somewhere places to work the moment shift. Is it the best part-time job? It's a really tough job. It's hard upon your body, lots in standing, lots in lifting stuff (stocking eating weed plain eating weed plain beer). It's rather a pain-in-ass to overcome drunks and other folks who will make your way of life difficult. And you always are social and friendly (to a definite extent), that will be hard. But That i liked it. a large number of require yrs practical experience Most places wish for yrs of encounter. Bartending school working experience doesn't count. We're a bartender I've been tending or managing in bars on and off since. As a manager Relating to never hired anyone who went around to bartending school. I would possibly even keep it a secret a lot more had gone that will bartending school because a large amount of bar employees is going to laugh at an individual. Nothing will provide how will probably be bartender better than being barback. I originally barbacked approximatelymonths right up untilnight the bartender I performed under passed available and couldn't perform (lots of drunks and also druggies among pub staff), so that you had me take their shift. I tended during that bar for decades and was promoted to manager subsequently after. At around duration I started barbacking from that bar, a friend of mine would definitely bartending school. He spent money for some really useless techniques and info and in fact was offered careers at places want TGI Fridays with east bumtown. He's now driving a vehicle a truck in a living. And you should not knock dive pubs! Lots of them are actually great places to be effective (and not everything that easy to receive hired by) since don't wear a ridiculous uniform, and usually the patrons tip exceptionally well. Good luck.

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Is normally this a scam??? Listed in the Chronicle being a part time/ Professional opportunity: Earn as much $ a time processing HUD/FHA Refunds. ed number -*** that's why was a weird voicemail. Also went for e and HUD's website options. Anyone ever been aware of "send $ check to build processed to Reclaim Distribution Service... " Is this earnings scam??? Yep, sounds like those work from your home "Stuffing envelopes", send $$ for much more to get commenced. In case you actually didn't know. I smokejoints that morning Smokejoints during the night. Makes me truly feel alright. During from I mow lawns for this guy out in Staten Island. which usually dood smoked several joints and died in his puke in aoverdoseLOL! Perhaps you have had mowed a property? Yes? Ok, but perhaps you have had mowed a lawn.... ON WEED??? On daily basis Meng My boss am not aware of. He's too stressful worrying about his or her parole officer. DC locale boutique- let's receptive gether I am enthusiastic about opening a females fashion and accessories boutique during the DC/MD area. I had extensive experience inside the retail/ fashion industry- and My organization is very into way trends. I possess some great ideas for that shop, but need to getting a partner for a few reasons: )heads are normally better than o crema catalana recipe crema catalana recipe ne, and ) economic reasons. If that you're interested, or have any good ideas in my situation, please email my family at lalisa @ Everyone actually lost, opportunities! Birth/Death Adjustment+, (largest adjustment within the year). The mainly sector that exhibited growth? Service (+, ), go overboard Mickey Dees. Take those out and how must the job picture look? Ding The fries 're ready.

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that Iraq surge as well as TARP regardless about whether you protected the policies and not, only quite possibly the most dishonest individuals would deny that every policy achieved the desired objective, at least for the forseeable future. i was towards both primarily traditional greek recipes traditional greek recipes to get philosophical reasons, but probably because I doubted they can accomplish what they've. i was wrong in as much as the effectiveness concern. + for not becoming a tard i think TARP strikes all of us as inherently shagged up. even Bush when he achieved it essentially wwwwwwwwwww"I simply cannot believe i'm accomplishing this shit". had TARP been that come with mandatory breakups with "to big towards fail" institutions later, i think it will have had a lot of wider support. the american consumer can swallow that pill quite easy if we also take a step to prevent your rep chatel france weather chatel france weather eat, rather compared to encourage a recurring, which is just what exactly i fear we've finished with the bailoutsso basiy since Osamba is ent the shots, you're ok using it.

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Desire help finding Funding forGolf Product When i are trying to obtain funding to try and force our Golf Product or service Manufactured. We have a relatively prototypes, short wwwwwwwwwww(web based), internet business plan, executive summarizing, sales potential, site visitor relationships established in addition to retail and product sales channels established. Lacking in depth familiarity with how venture capitalist and also or Angel shareholders "really" work, found . find serious shareholders. What we have to give you: % ROI at a year in a half. Depending around the amount invested, there is always equity as most certainly. Real example: buck k get % RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT or % equity. For $ nited kingdom % wwwwwwwwwww"and" % value. We are manageable for smaller amounts to boot. Please advise about how to have serious investors. Thanks a lot of. what is a collateral? What assets can certainly the investor collect in case that their investment is going bust? You really think you might have anything left if and when they go bust? Whirlygolf unfortunately now we have spent everything on that venture. We shouldn't have any collateral. That being stated we still want to get anterior to the right investors to supply our presentation. Any specific ideas?

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looking at probable offer I will not have this offer though, but I find the sense it's approaching, because we've previously talked salary, and I find out the skill mix they may be seeking is nearly impossible to find. It's a job using a small, self-funded, breaking-even start-up with great purchasers. It's a great mix of responsibilities. The folks are sharp and exciting. Downsides: the wage is LOW. I'd say % below market with the responsibilities of the position. They are too poor to supply health insurance or simply K plans. They've been completely candid concerning this and said when all goes in accordance with plan I'd get only (! ) % under market salary within a year. There is no insurance policy for IPO but they could be interested in obtain, so there is not any windfall likely coming for taking a risk in it, or accepting an important below-market salary for just a period of many (no shared advantage; just the anticipation of achieving current market rate and reasonable benefits whenever they are doing better). In addition to, having worked inside similar environments in advance of, I know that hours and commitment expected could be astronomical. What they give me: a pleasurable working environment, time to fulfill some possibilities and learn completely new skills, a chance to remain employed again for initially in mos. Likewise, the upside (if they may be very successful) is a very secure, well-paid and senior position within a new market. We would be accepting using a heavy heart nevertheless, and with an unhealthy conscience, because I assume I'd owe the software to myself to help keep on buying better-paying job, and staying awhile with such a tiny fragile company is totally disruptive, and they have been on the up or over with me. My business is wondering if I ought to let it play out with the offer stage, and counter that has a proposal to plan, and deal honestly using them and try to post some work in addition, without making a commitment. Otherwise it appears to me that a chance cost is too big to commit in their eyes. These are said to be my peak making years and I will be totally sidelined. I don't have extra in the pipeline interview-wise, but I've got high hopes for your new year (new budgets opening new p manhattan delivery food manhattan delivery food ositions, the vacation doldrums behind us). Would you guys see more angles with this than I will? I'd appreciate virtually any thoughts.

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Was bunky homeless at some point? Is that exactly how he got lyme problems and parasites? bunky does not exist it is simply a troll^posting with mental hospital web-based kiosksome people inside mental hospitals get more thanLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! you are flappin like a dead fish why is that? LMAO Is there a IQ n case exorcisms real case exorcisms real ecessity to become an important troll? Say if you are over you can't beor something like that?

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Reddit Co-Founder Dies in NY Many days Before Trial Aaron Swartz hanged themself in his Brooklyn flat Friday night, their family and experts said. The -year-old had fought to create online content absolve to the public design a teenager really helped create RSS, a household of Web feed formats familiar with gather updates from blogs, news headers, audio and video clip for users. The zealous advocate with public online gain access to, Swartz was extolled Saturday by people who believed as this individual did. He appeared to be "an extraordinary hacker plus activist, " a Electronic Frontier Cornerstone, an international charitable digital rights group within California wrote in the tribute on its internet site. "Playing Mozart's Requiem in honor of exposition trade show exposition trade show a brave plus brilliant man, " tweeted Carl Malamud, an Internet consumer domain advocate whom believes in free use of legally obtained information. Swartz co-founded the actual social news webpage Reddit, which has been later sold antique caster furniture antique caster furniture to be able to Conde Nast, along with the political action set Demand Progress, that campaigns against Online censorship. ht tp: //Funny the way the government chooses who seem to they go after and who they cannot. I am trying to play Mozart's..... brilliance continually attracted devious...... which means you hide or cease to live. Can you Handel them? Ok.. Ok.. Beethoven get back to work. He must get bach to your workplace. sounds like an important criminal good riddanceJust like this other kid which will got suicided through f investors in advance of it went general public. Which one? hyperlink? W greek finger foods greek finger foods hat corp? All of the articles are offered to the public, a person idiot. There will be certain information/innovation must not be out on the planet. Since I appeared to be an Applied Physics Specialist in college, I ought to know how dangerous its if building the nuclear bomb is due to the wrong grip, ie North Ko strawberry mousse recipes strawberry mousse recipes rea, Iran, and so on. There wasguy with the Middle East name Jihad who had been interested in enjoying a degree in Nuclear Physics within my dept, and this Advisor refused your ex boyfriend. This was inside the late s.

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